Stu Macik

Stuart (Stu) Macik
Digital Branding, Marketing, Web Design & Development and Technology

Stu blends graphic artistry, technical expertise and professional copywriting to create, design and develop memorable desktop and mobile websites. He's an expert at hand-coded, custom front-end design using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. He also specializes in web branding and marketing using social media and other web technologies and techniques to create positive, results oriented "web footprints" for clients looking to increase ROI on their web marketing dollars. One of Stu's favorite quotes is from legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden who said “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”. He knows this to be true, he's still learning new things every single day!

"Wow! Thank's Stu for designing and developing such an awesome new website for Bridge the Distance. People visiting it say it's innovative, and engaging. It's already producing business and buzz for us. Equally as amazing was the experience of being your customer. You get five stars for the amazing service you extended to me every step of the way. I am thrilled with the results, and you have earned my business for life! I'm delighted to give you my highest recommendation to my friends." Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.
Bridge The Distance, Inc.
"What impressed me most about Stu is that he took the time and effort to learn about me, my business and my goals before he got started on my site. I really do believe that this is why the final product reflects exactly what I was looking for in that while it's fresh and creative, it's still very professional as well. I would recommend Stu to anyone seeking a web design, development and marketing expert who really cares about helping them grow their business." Jo Myers
Jo Myers Real Estate
"Hangar 4 Partners LLC is an investment management firm registered with the SEC. As such, we are extremely limited in what we can publish on the web. This presented a very real creative challenge because we wanted something more than just an “on-line business card”. Broken Sky Studio and Stu Macik managed to capture the essence of what Hangar 4 is all about in our website design, both our philosophy and our corporate personality. We are very pleased with the final product. Stu was a pleasure to work with and presented his ideas in a clear and timely manner. We would recommend him to any business looking for a creative way to establish a web presence." Mike De Santis
Managing Partner
Hangar 4 Partners LLC
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